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Psalm 91

Loved One lives in God’s shelter and takes naps in the shade under God’s trees. Loved One says, “God shelters me and keeps me safe. My God, in whom I trust.”

Surely God will save Loved One from those that hunt them, as well as the deadly viruses. God will hug them with loving arms, and in His protection they will find safety. God’s unshakeable loyalty will be their protection. they will not fear the terror of the night; the bullets that fly by day; the pestilence that stalks the darkness; nor the plague that destroys. A thousand people may fall around Loved One, but it won’t come near them, as they will only observe and see the distress of others, with compassion.

Since making God their life-long landlord – the same Lord who has protected Israel for centuries – no harm will befall Loved One, no disaster will come near home. God commanded the angels to guard Loved One in all ways. They will lift Loved One in their hands, so that their feet won’t stumble over a stone without getting back up. Loved One will defeat all their challenges, overcome their mistakes and get back up!

“Because Loved One loves Me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue and protect them. Because My real name is known to them,they will call upon me, and I will respond to them. I will be with Loved One in their difficult times, I will deliver and honor Loved One with eternal life. I will satisfy my child, Loved One and show them My salvation and My unique path for them.”

From the NAPSV

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