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Psalm 34

Loved One is blessed, especially because all their sins and mistakes are forgiven! Loved One is blessed because the Lord holds nothing against them, who is now free from blame and condemnation and whose spirit there is God’s.

When Loved One kept silent, their bones grew old through groaning all the day long. Everything hurt! Day and night Your hand was heavy upon them. Loved One had no energy at all and could only veg out on the couch.

Loved One acknowledged their sins to You, and their iniquity is no longer hidden away. they said, “I will confess my sins and mistakes to God.” They started to realize that You forgave their mistakes, foolishness, and sins long ago!

This is an example of how anyone can benefit from praying to You in a time when they really see that they need You. There are times when it is hard to admit how much we need You, Lord!

You are Loved One‘s hiding place. You help them get out of trouble on Your timing. Loved One will surround themselves with songs of deliverance. You will instruct and teach Loved One in the path they are better off following. You will guide Loved One with Your open eyes, which works much better than their own blind guidance.

Reader, Don’t live like a poor farm animal. Enslaved without understanding what is going on around you. Because you will need to be harnessed with bit and bridle to be part of the team.

All of us will have troubles in this life, whether self-serving or not. Loved One trusts that God will surround them with compassion and mercy. Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, Loved One; And shout for joy, all upright in heart!

From the NAPSV

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