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Psalm 18

God, You save the humble people and bring down the arrogant. You also light Loved One‘s lamp and lighten up the darkness around them.

With Your guidance, Loved One can run against a troop, and with your help, they can leap over a wall.

Your way of doing things is absolutely perfect. Your Word is proven absolutely true. You protect Loved One and all who trust You. Who is God, except You?

You supply Loved One with strength, and keep them on their path. You have made their feet like those of a mountain goat, which can walk in dangerous places without falling. You have set Loved One safely in dangerous places in the same way.

You teach Loved One‘s hands to persist, and they can handle anything. You gave them the shield of Your salvation; Your powerful hand has held Loved One up. Your gentleness has made them much better. You enlarged their path so that their feet do not slip.

As a result, Loved One pursued Your enemies and overtaken them. they did not quit until they were destroyed. You wounded them through Loved One so severely that they could not get up. They fell under their feet.

You armed Loved One with strength for battle; You subdued those who rose up against them. You gave them the necks of Your enemies, Those who hated them are going to be destroyed, and some already have been!

They cried out, and there was no one to save them. Even to You, Lord. You did not answer them. Then, Loved One beat them as fine as the dust before the wind; and Loved One cast them out like dirt in the streets.

From the NAPSV

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