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Psalm 13

How much longer, O LORD?
It seems that You have forgotten Loved One!
How much longer will they not feel your love or favor?
How much longer must Loved One wrestle with thoughts and every day have sorrow, sadness, and depression?
How long will their enemies appear to triumph?

Come on Lord! Look at Loved One and respond in love! Let them see the good that is both within them and around them! Give Loved One some peace! Otherwise, their enemies will say, “I beat them ” and all of their foes will party when Loved One falls flat. They will believe that You abandoned them and they will enjoy their victory!

Remember that Loved One trusts in God’s unfailing love; and their heart rejoices in Your help. Despite how Loved One feels right now, remind them of Your love, Your mercy, and Your faithfulness.

Upon recovery (or sooner), Loved One will sing enthusiastically to the LORD, for He has been really, really good to them.

From the NAPSV

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