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Psalm 121

Loved One, lift your eyes up to where your help comes from. Your help and love both come from the Lord who made heaven and earth.

God will not let you fall without picking you up again. Your Protector does not nap. The One who also protects all of His people will not take a “day off” or get distracted.

Loved One, remember that the Lord is your Keeper, the Comfortable Shade at your right hand. Protecting you from more than just the weather. He is also the great Healer!

The Lord will shield Loved One from all selfishness, self-focus, and self-absorption. Whether it is in them or others. He is watching over their life. Remember that God loves and protects you, Loved One, on your journey from the day He first loved you, and … forevermore.

From the NAPSV

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