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Learning To Love

Loved One is learning to speak like an angel, and deliver wonderful news.
Remember to love those to whom you are talking. Otherwise, you are only a noisy child’s rattle.

Loved One is learning that “speaking for God”, and knowing everything, and having the confidence to move whole mountain ranges, without letting God’s love flow through them, is worse than doing and knowing nothing.

Loved One is learning that giving everything Loved One owns to the poor and needy, and willingly sacrificing, even for a noble cause: if done without God’s compassion for imperfect people, it is done for nothing, and nothing is accomplished.

Loved One is becoming much more patient, and kinder. Loved One does not envy, nor does Loved One brag about anything except about God’s wonderful character. Loved One is becoming more and more humble.

Loved One is more polite, and almost never self-seeking. Loved One is not as easily angered as once was, and Loved One doesn’t keep track of mistakes by other people.

Loved One is not happy when self-centered, and rejoices with the deeper truth. Loved One always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always, always persists.

God doesn’t fail when working through them.

These three character traits are the best to display: confidence, a positive outlook, and compassion for others. The best of these three, (as Loved One is learning), is compassion.

1st Corinthians 13, NAPSV

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