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Now the messenger of the LORD came and sat down, watching Loved OneLoved One was busy getting things done because of their fear of those who didn’t like them. After waiting a while, the messenger of the LORD made himself known and said to Loved One “The LORD is with you, powerful citizen and valuable one!”

Flabbergasted, Loved One replied, “If God is with me, why isn’t my life going according to my plan? Where are all the blessings I hear about, like being freed from sin and doubts? Or the one about being able to do anything? It’s obvious that God has dumped me and ruined my whole life.”

Then the messenger turned to Loved One and said, “Go in your strength, and you shall solve the problems that overwhelm you, your family, your community, and your country. Haven’t I sent you to do it?”

Loved One responded to the messenger, “How can I be of help? I am a failure, my dad’s not important. Everyone in my family is not important. Especially me!”

The messenger said to them, “Surely God will be with you, and you shall overcome all your problems as if they were a small jigsaw puzzle.”

Loved One said, “If you are a messenger from God, then you have enough patience to understand I have a hard time accepting who you say you are, and what you say. I need to be convinced!”

The messenger then allowed [thenrame] to test him. When the messenger not only passed the test but gave Loved One further insight into their private life, Loved One was overwhelmed. Finished, the messenger left them.

Loved One realized that what just happened was actually a visit by a messenger from God, an Angel of the LORD. So Loved One said, “Oh my GOD! I have just seen an Angel of yours face to face. Boy am I in trouble now!”

Then Loved One heard God telling them, “Relax, chill!. Only your old life will die as a result of this visit. Your new, vibrant life starts now.” Loved One praised God in their heart, thinking about the whole matter. Later that night, God reminded Loved One to stop following the latest fads and newest trends that their friends, neighbors, and co-workers were chasing. God told them to go back to the roots of what they had been raised with as a child. Those that truly loved Loved One fully supported themin their new decision, and were there for them. Everything changed for the better!

Judges 6:11-31, NAPSV

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