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For many people, a “personalized” Bible means that their name or their initials are imprinted on the cover. In this case, “personalized” stays on the outside. However, together, we can take it one step further, and put YOU, or a friend in the Bible! Let’s really make it personal, so that someone will get encouraged, and see how God is writing to them DIRECTLY!

To see someone’s name in scripture, a prayer or even a song makes it much more personal. It’s much easier to touch someone’s heart with scripture when their name is in it. Try it! Below you will find a list of scriptures, songs, or prayers that have been mildly paraphrased to focus on emotional healing and to be more personal. Feel free to encourage yourself, or others by following the instructions below! If you are the one that needs encouragement, use your own name! Here’s an example of the 23rd Psalm:

The LORD is John’s shepherd; John shall lack nothing really needed.
He makes John lie down in beautiful, green pastures;
He leads John beside the calm, still waters.
He restores John’s soul …

Hebrew Testimony (often called the Old Testament)
Christian Testimony (often called the New Testament)

I am open to expanding this project. If you want to recommend any uplifting, emotionally fulfilling scripture to be added to the above list, please email me .

* I do not track or keep email addresses or phone numbers.

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